Frequently Asked Questions

The bot did not send any messages - What can I do?

If the bot does not send messages or it does not respond to executed commands such as "/help", it is often because you have assigned too few permissions to the bot. You can fix this problem by giving him more permissions in the “roles settings” of the server or by giving him the privilege to send messages in a specific channel by editing the “channel settings”.

If that doesn't work, give him administrator permissions as a test.

Slash commands doesn't work for me?

  • Slash commands will always get a response, unless user has slash disabled from their Discord settings. This setting is found in settings -> Text & Images -> Text box
  • Or the channel on which the user is trying to do the slash commands has disabled the permission "Use slash commands"

Where is my language?

If the bot does not support your preferred language, feel free to contact us via our Support Discord. If you help us translate the bot, you will be able to join our team as a translator.

I have another question – where can I get help?

We have a Support Discord server to answer all your questions and help you with whatever you need!